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Hello. Welcome to Someone Said Smile and the Future Photo Booth. Seriously, you just entered a time machine. Your next party now has a social booth that immediately shares your friends', your grandma's, your little niece's, and everyone else's boomerangs, GIFs, videos, face effects, and oh ya, it can share a still photo too. 



Our Services

A Modern Photo Booth Experience. 

We help create fun and some serious excitement at your event. 

Boomerangs for Days!

Grandma is so stoked. She seriously can't wait to do another boomerang and text it to Eleanor and Harold in her bridge club. Next step: Grandma is going to get a Tik Tok account!

GIFs with the Family

Still down with GIFs? We are too. Why not capture multiple memories in multiple pictures? Text to your friend that "couldn't get the day off of work" and show him the party he's missing.

Online Album Now or 10 Years from Now!

It's a blast checking out your images the next morning. How about flashing back and revisiting your wedding or event 10 years from now? Everything is stored digitally so it's around forever. So sweet we can't believe it.

How It Works

The Kind Of Important Stuff


We're "Smart-ish"

There's a lot of options. We'll guide you and your friends through the picture styles and make sure your aunt Kathy understands the texting and airdrop features.

We Will Deliver

Where's the party? We arrive early, set up, get your friends hyped, and make sure everyone has fun.

It's Not Free

But it's really reasonable. Pricing starts at $400, but you're probably going to drop around $550 for the total awesomeness of the Future Booth!

Reserve Your Funky Fresh Future Booth Today

Just fill out the form and you'll get an immediate response with pricing and packages. Submit your selections and that's it. So easy!

Nervous about spam and maybe a little uncomfortable giving your email address to a photo booth company just so you can see pricing? We understand. Pricing starts at $400, but we're predicting you'll spend around $550 for the package you and your friends will love.


Get in Touch

Curious? Give us a call, email, or text: 415-377-0881. We'd love to hear about your event and see if we can help make it ultra awesome!
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